Thank you for responding to your invitation to try the world’s first ‘Plant Spirits’ launching in August. Our range are plant-based, botanically-active, fully vegan, water extracted and almost totally organic.

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rousing and empowering

This sophisticated blend has been crafted with bitter orange, spiced cacao and smooth vanilla caramel, which finishes in hot, smoked black cardamom, bringing confident presence and surety of self. It's the intelligent choice for the discerning drinker.

senser spirits #2

softening and stimulating

Rich goldenberries, spiced plum and a sensual floral bouquet, with a luscious mouth feel that finishes in a long sours-weet berry blush. Bringing harmony and ease as you cosy by the fire, wind down with a loved one and enjoy with friends.

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uplifting and enlivening

This joy bringer blend has delicate florals and juniper nose, followed by a light bodied citrus burst and an exuberant berry finish. A perfect party starter and spirit raiser.

Our roots

Compelled by a profound shift in consciousness, Vanessa, Senser’s Founder left her city job and immersed herself in the study of the plants.

She became acutely sensitive to their natural effects, intricately curating 100s of botanical combinations. Three years of exploration, play and discovery culminated in her developing 3 ‘perfect plant-blends’, each intended to serve our most primary human desires. 

The choice to offer these blends as ‘spirits’ is intended to bring nature to the centre of the way we ‘drink’, socialise and have fun.

“We’re beginning to remember how important nature is and how intimately we are connected with the planet. We have this wonderful, emerging opportunity to experience a deeper direct relationship with nature.

When all of life’s intricacies are laid bare, we see clearly that fundamentally, we are all Sensers. That we are sensational beings, capable of having and sharing exceptional experiences.”
— Vanessa

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