Vanessa worked in a city bank for 13 years and practiced yoga as a way to bring balance into her life. At the end of one class, a singing bowl was rung on her heart. 

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The experience produced a profound consciousness-shift and she was instantly aware of what was possible for herself & for life. 

After a newfound ability to work with the plants, she decided to leave the city. She sourced 100s of plants, turned their home into an Apothecary and immersed herself in a botanical world. 

In awe of what was emerging from this transformation, her husband wound down everything he was working on to dedicate himself to her vision. 

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As Vanessa’s abilities grew, she innovated a wide range of highly-tuned, multi award-winning plant blends - teas, tonics & tinctures. 

Then as if by coincidence, she met a Yogic Monk who used to be a mixologist, who assisted Vanessa to create the world’s first ever range of botanically-active, non-alcoholic Spirits.

The team created a Festival Bar and over 18 months discovered these drinks were something the world wanted. 

Senser’s Plant Spirits™ are the culmination of 100s of iterations, 1,000s of bottles and 10,000s of cocktails in the perfecting since 2016.

A world’s first, they draw wisdom from ancient traditions, combined with the best of modern science.